I started taking photos when I was 17 after choosing it as an A-level subject, this was before the digital revolution so I learned everything on a manual slr with film  and a dark room. After college I went travelling for a year and really fell in love with photography, it was seeing all these amazing places that made me want to take great photos to share with my family and friends.  Watching numerous glowing sunsets over different terrains was something I didn’t want to forget and I guess is why it’s one of my favorite things to photograph today. Little did I know this was the first stepping stone in my career towards Photography.  Having become a Bachelor of Art at University as was lucky enough to work my way around the globe as a ski instructor which has given me the opportunity to see more of the world than most.  Once I returned to the UK it was natural beauty of Northumberland and all of it’s iconic landmarks that made it an easy decision to choose photography as my next step.  As word spread I was asked to Photograph all sorts of things including weddings.  As a last minute replacement for a photographer that had let a couple down I shot my first wedding at Crook Hall & Gardens (I believe it was their first too).  I loved it, being part of a happy occasion makes it not seem like work, the photos were fabulous and from that single wedding it’s barrel rolled into over 100 purely through word of mouth.


I love to take photos that provoke reaction, stimulate memories and just generally put a smile on peoples faces.  I like to blend in with the guests and get photos when nobody knows I’m doing it.  I have a very relaxed and calming nature that will put you at ease in front of the camera. I will not be barking orders military style because I believe that it’s your wedding day and you should be center of it all.  Saying that, I will still capture your “mantle piece” poses to perfection and willingly take any photo requests.  I want your wedding album to read like a story book of your own fairy tale.